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Building media experiences:

We understand that today, you need a business partner who understands not only the breadth of the media space, but also how data and consumer habits play a role in its navigation.

Data Analytics & Insights

From the development of customer insights to the optimization of campaigns, we marry data analysis with human insight to build programs that expose growth opportunities for our clients.

Omnichannel Strategy

The media landscape is as diverse as the audiences it attracts. We’re deft at building strategies that transcend both the analog and digital spaces, connecting our clients to their customers wherever they are.

Media Investment

Because we negotiate across all media touchpoints – online, offline, national or local, we can ensure our clients receive the best value for their investment. These negotiations also ensure an alignment between any marketplace we recommend and your brand values.

Our work:

Dollar General: When Dollar General asked us to launch their new shopper app, we accepted the mission!

Our work:

Nature’s Path Envirokidz: Helping kids preserve the planet, one endangered species at a time.

Our work:

Papa Murphy’s: Using new technology and new channels to bring Papa Murphy’s to new families!

Our clients

We’re proud of the work we’ve done, but even prouder of the partnerships we’ve created.

About media+

An orchestra conductor and a cashmere hammer walk into a media negotiation…

media+ is owned and operated by Mary Ann Grajek (the Orchestra Conductor) and Lauren Ramaska (the Cashmere Hammer). Together they’ve built an agency grounded on heart and hustle comprised of inventive strategists, proficient planners, deft negotiators, and analysts who see around corners. But what you really need to know is that they manage your money as if it were theirs, ensure you receive the results you were promised and with a strong bias for action, you have the committed business partners you need to build your business.

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