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DG Go!


Dollar General, the largest dollar store in the nation with over 15,000 retail locations nationwide, onboarded Media+ to launch their new shopper app, DG GO!. The new shopper app lends convenience, ease, and savings to the in-store shopping experience by empowering customers to shop and scan products via their mobile device, keeping a running tally to expedite the checkout process and recommend relevant coupons. 

Media+ was charged with educating consumers about the value and functionality of the app, gaining adoption and driving in-store trips and transactions through two major strategies:

  • Increasing frequency of visits among current customers
  • Attracting new customer segments to Dollar General

Phase 1 (Beta)

The first phase of the campaign was concentrated to selected test markets to test the viability of app adoption and usage. A hyper-local digital marketing strategy was utilized to target current and potential customers at the store level. 

Current Customers

Media+ utilized DG’s 1st party data to create the DG Tech-Savvy customer segment. This audience segment was classified as the most likely shopper to adopt this new technology. 

New/Potential Customers

Mobile location data was utilized to identify untapped customer segments by qualifying users based on shopping behavior and proximity location to the stores. New customer segments included:

  • Price Conscious Shoppers
  • Working Class Families/Moms
  • DIYers
  • Tech-Savvy Millennials

Media Channels

A digital-first, full-funnel media strategy was deployed with the goal of driving app adoption and converting users. 

  • Longer form digital channels were used to raise awareness and educate users on the functionality of the app
    • Tactics: high impact mobile, native, video and interstitials

  • Conversion focused tactics were measured and optimized on app downloads and usage.
    • Tactics: programmatic display, social, mobile, and search

Testing, Optimizations & Analytics

During the onset of the campaign, Media+ set up A/B tests to optimize the campaign for best-performing channels, creative, copy, calls to action, and targeting groups. We were able to spend media dollars more efficiently by decreasing and/or eliminating poor-performing tactics. 

A mobile attribution provider was onboarded to bring clarity to which media channels drove the most qualified users. Deeper funnel metrics were measured such as transactions, revenue, basket size, and frequency. This allowed for media to be attributed and optimized towards more qualified and valuable customers.  


The new shopping app saw a 3.5x increase in installations during the first 5 weeks. The first phase was deemed a success and DG GO!  has been rolled out across DG markets.


3.5x the projected campaign engagements


Doubled the projected traffic to the campaign landing page

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