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The Envirokidz mission is “to empower the children of today to protect endangered species and environments now and for the future.” This mission was also backed by featuring different endangered species on each cereal box and donating 1% of revenue to help save these species and provide environmental education for children.

The creative concept focused on inspiring videos of other children learning about animals and how they could preserve the planet. We chose to center the campaign around messaging to kids, not by selling them cereal, but by engaging them in helping us save the planet!

Our media strategy seamlessly integrated the medium and the message through an authentic approach. We engaged kids in their spaces and on their terms in the most primitive way providing activities they could see, play, and do.

See | Videos

We deployed video across environments where kids were likely co viewing with a parent, such as YouTube, OTT on kid apps/networks, kids mobile gaming apps, and

Play | Games & Activities

We partnered with a mobile gaming apps to engage kids in quizzes and games while educating them about endangered animals. On Pinterest, we seeded creature related activities kids could do with the different cereals.

Do | Action

We used social influencers & Nat Geo newsletters to share how kids could help save the planet through simple tasks encouraging them to join the movement.



5x the projected campaign engagements


Doubled the projected traffic to the campaign landing page


Influencers were so excited to get behind our campaign that numerous pieces of content were created pro bono to help spread additional exposure to their followers.


In just over 8 weeks, the brand experienced a lift in sales in campaign markets versus National

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