Media Employee Spotlight – Hope, Kirsten & Maddy

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the promotion of three talented Media+ team members to new positions. These three pros embody the creative, service-oriented talent beloved by Media+ clients.

Hope Richards, Associate Media Director

Promoted from Senior Media Supervisor to Associate Media Director

Hope embodies the full spectrum of Media+ values, and displays a dedication to her clients, team, and work that is universally respected. Her perspective of “how can I help?” spans her interactions with all. Among the many client accolades she’s collected over the years are these profound words: “she’s one of the best media professional that I’ve ever worked with.” Hope’s presence and dedication has been invaluable to Media+, and we are thrilled to welcome her into larger agency leadership.

Kirsten Fischer, Media Manager

Promoted from Associate Media Manager to Media Manager

An unflinchingly positive force on the Media+ team, Kirsten engages every challenge with a can-do attitude. Always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, her curious mind is constantly engaged in the pursuit of new solutions to client needs and agency processes. Kirsten’s strong desire to provide value to Media+ and her clients has blossomed as she’s tackled planning, client presentations, and campaign activations with finesse and skill. Her promotion is well-deserved.

Maddy Winter, Media Manager

Promoted from Associate Media Manager to Media Manager

Colleagues universally agree that Maddy is a positive force to be around. She sees every glass as half full and brings an upbeat outlook to the team. A focused and organized task master, she consistently takes ownership of her role and accomplished jobs efficiently and on time. Maddy is a self-starter who often volunteers to take on new tasks and solve problems. Maddy has grown in her career at Media+ by planning large client campaigns and owning campaign setup and activation. Congratulations on the hard-earned promotion, Maddy!

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