10 Strategies Retail Marketers Should Consider This Valentine’s Day

By: Cher Marckx, Associate Media Director

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, the air is not only filled with love, but also with the dings of cash registers and the buzzing of point of sales systems. With projections soaring to $7.1 billion, witnessing a 36% YoY increase, it’s time for retailers to embrace the season of love with a strategic marketing strategy. Below are ten ways retailers can win Valentine’s Day this year and ensure love for your brand extends beyond the holiday.  

1. Love is in the Air… and Online!

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), over 30% of Valentine’s Day shoppers start their gift searches online. As Cupid’s arrow aims for online channels, you can improve search engine rankings by optimizing your landing page with relevant keywords and a thoughtfully crafted content strategy.

2. Start the Love Story Early

The NRF reports that nearly 40% of consumers start their Valentine’s Day shopping well in advance. Be the first to reach Hopeless Romantics by launching campaigns early 30-days prior to Valentine’s Day, capturing the hearts of those meticulous planners.

3. Mobile Magic

A study by Adobe found that mobile devices accounted for over 40% of online Valentine’s Day sales. Optimize your website for mobile to tap into this significant market, where researching and purchasing are abound. 

4. Gift Guides – Cupid’s Cheat Codes

According to Google, searches for “gifts for loved ones” spike by 150% in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Create irresistible gift guides to capture this surge in interest and to aid with last minute procrastinators. Luxury Jewelry Retailer Ben Bridge, for example, provides the perfect curated gifts guaranteed to find love at first click.  

5. Social Media Engagement

Young shoppers (60% of generation Z and 56% of Millennials) will lean hard into their coveted social channels for shopping inspiration. Further, Facebook IQ discovered that over 60% of Valentine’s Day-related conversations on their platform involve gift ideas. Dive into these conversations, run engaging contests, and make your brand a part of the love buzz.

6. Personalization – Love on a First-Name Basis

A survey by Epsilon found that over 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences while HubSpot reveals that personalized email campaigns can increase open rates by up to 26%.  Use customer data wisely for that extra touch of love and attention to detail.

7. In-Store Romance

According to the CSA, 65% of Valentine’s Day shoppers plan to shop in-store. If you have physical stores, enhance the in-store experience with Valentine’s Day decorations, themed displays, and special promotions to attract foot traffic. A study by Mood Media found that in-store music and ambiance influence purchasing decisions so aim to create a love-filled atmosphere to enhance the overall shopping experience.

8. Shipping – Board the Cupid Express

According to UPS, over 45% of consumers are willing to pay extra for express shipping, especially during holidays. Offer expedited shipping options to cater to the last-minute shoppers and ensure that the perfect Valentine will arrive when it’s meant to.

9. Post-Valentine’s Bliss

Post-holiday promotions work! According to RetailMeNot, over 40% of consumers make additional purchases after Valentine’s Day. Keep the love alive with follow-up promotions and gratitude messages. Remember, your brand is not just a fleeting crush, it’s a long-lasting love affair.

10. Embrace Audience Diversity

The celebration of love extends beyond traditional couples. Nielsen research shows that Valentine’s Day spending isn’t limited to romantic partners, with a significant portion going towards gifts for friends, family, and even pets. Tailor your marketing to diverse audiences, acknowledging and celebrating various forms of love. Consider crafting campaigns that resonate with singles embracing self-love, friends exchanging “Galentine’s” gifts, or families creating heartwarming moments together. 

In the end, there are a variety of ways to capture the love this Valentine’s Day. Understanding your target audience, optimizing for mobile, utilizing various marketing channels, and providing a seamless shopping experience are key elements in creating a successful Valentine’s Day marketing strategy that will impact your brand beyond February 14.


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