Media+ Client Spotlight for Q4 2023

This past quarter has been very busy with Media+ stewarding campaigns across nearly all clients. Below is a quick rundown of some client highlights.

Re-engaging the local community in a new way

AAA of Washington: Seahawks Gameday Partnership

This past fall, AAA leveraged a gameday partnership with the Seahawks surrounding the “Throw-back game” where they brought back the infamous blue and green jerseys from the 90s!

This program connected emotionally with fans through nostalgia and even developed a AAA branded mascot named Domey to acknowledge and reminisce back to the days of the Kingdome.  The marketing goal of this program was to gain excitement and drive following of their newly launched Instagram page.  The strategy leveraged a trip giveaway as the hook and media exposure included high-impact in-stadium and in-game elements, traffic radio sponsorships, CTV/online video, social, and display. Through this program, AAA was able to drive over 10K followers in just over a month.

Tapping into new commerce channel to attract Gen-Z Shoppers

Ben Bridge Jeweler: TikTok Instant Pages

To gain interest and consideration with younger audiences this holiday, we deployed a 2-pronged TikTok strategy that started off by engaging with audiences through branded short, UGC style videos, encouraging users to click to shop. Once engaged, the unit opens into an immersive, mini-branded website, showcasing a variety of curated luxury jewelry gifts.  Since this experience enabled users a seamless shoppable experience right in the TikTok app, it lowered drop-off, therefore driving higher engagement rates from new audiences. 

For Ben Bridge’s 2023 Holiday campaign, we designed two versions of the Instant Page, both of which utilized the Carousel functionality to allow users to view an abundance of products available for purchase. We chose to highlight Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, and Gifts Under $1,000 in one version and the other was designed as a digital mock of the 2023 Ben Bridge Gift Guide, both of which beautifully represent the Ben Bridge brand.

So far, this tactic has done well in outperforming industry benchmarks, across both click-through rate and average time spent showing momentum against younger segments considering Ben Bridge during the holiday season.

Leveraging Traditional media in an innovative way

Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace: Pinpointed Outdoor

Media+ welcomed Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace to our client portfolio this Q4 with the goal of connecting uninsured Oregonians with health coverage to continue to lower the uninsured rate across the state. To ensure equitable media support across BIPOC and Spanish Language communities we leveraged a data heavy approach to identify counties and areas with heaviest concentration of these audiences and doubled down on non-traditional channels that would break through the noise and effectively reach these audiences in non-intrusive ways. Our strategy enabled us to reach deep into these communities with signage at laundromats, conveniences stores, local grocers (including Hispanic), pharmacies, gas station toppers and digital POS Displays.   To lower barriers to get information, the creative also leveraged QR Codes, also gaining the ability to track online engagement from an otherwise analog channel. Thus far, we have driven qualified users to both English & Spanish landing pages confirming these placements are capturing attention and encouraging additional action from prospective audiences.

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