Our team

Media+ is made up of a band of inventive strategists, proficient planners, deft negotiators, and thorough analysts. We come from diverse backgrounds, hone complementary skillsets, and possess razor-like focus on driving business results for our clients. Plus, we share a passion for people. Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

Team photo coming soon.

Mary Ann Grajek

Managing Partner

Trusted conductor of the orchestra that is Media+, Mary Ann has spearheaded the hiring of all current Media+ talent while simultaneously treating every client dollar as if it were her own. Over her 20+ year career, Mary Ann has earned a legendary reputation for two things: unwavering integrity and boundless heart.

Lauren Ramaska

Managing Partner

Known internally as the Cashmere Hammer, Lauren is the driving force that keeps vendors on their toes, brands on consumers’ minds, and Media+ at the forefront of innovation. Under her decade of agency leadership, Media+ evolved from a traditional buying firm into a consumer-centric and data-driven media authority.