Our team

We have tons of X chromosomes.

Women make over 80% of buying decisions. We understand that audience because we ARE that audience: home buyers, voters, shoppers, chefs, chief health officers, millennials, moms, millennial moms, and women business owners. We can help you get and keep the attention, loyalty, and preference of this critical segment.

Mary Ann Grajek

Managing Partner

Trusted conductor of the orchestra that is Media+, Mary Ann has spearheaded the hiring of all current Media+ talent while simultaneously treating every client dollar as if it were her own. Over her 20+ year career, Mary Ann has earned a legendary reputation for two things: unwavering integrity and boundless heart.

Lauren Ramaska

Managing Partner

Known internally as the Cashmere Hammer, Lauren is the driving force that keeps vendors on their toes, brands on consumers’ minds, and Media+ at the forefront of innovation. Under her decade of agency leadership, Media+ evolved from a traditional buying firm into a consumer-centric and data-driven media authority.

Katrina Stroh

Media Director

Pusher of envelopes, destroyer of boxes, and chief resistor to the status quo, Katrina keeps Media+ on its wildly painted creative toes. Packing more energy into her tiny package than an urban power grid, Katrina has spent more than ten years infusing creative power into large-scale regional and national campaigns.

Angela Haddad

Associate Media Director

Until October, Angela is out on maternity leave. In her absence, please contact maryann@mediaplussea.com.


Sarah Berg

Senior Media Strategist

Meet our in-house Swiss Army Knife. There’s no problem this inquisitive digital maven can’t solve or audience she can’t isolate. The forerunner of the Media+ digital revolution, Sarah’s years in competitive sports have given her an appetite for challenge and a heart for team success.

Adrianne McAllister

Buying Strategist

In Adrianne’s world, everything is negotiable and no isn’t an answer. A broadcast buying machine, Adrianne knows how to multiply the impact of a client’s media dollars while maintaining ironclad relationships with vendors. Perhaps that’s what happens when you spend a decade buying tens of millions worth of media. Every year.

Hope Richards

Media Manager

Hope’s name is on point. A fearless multitasker, initiator, and public affairs mastermind, Hope has vision for even the most complicated projects or lofty goals. Crazy intangibles meet their match in this promotions powerhouse, transforming into concrete next steps that reach customers, empower teams, and elevate brands.

Krista Brendel

Media Manager

Media Manager by title, Krista is our P.I. of data. Cast in a Hollywood blockbuster, she’d be the data-crunching informant to the jet setting hero. Whether targeting customers with sleuth-like precision or making a social splash the size of a tidal wave, Krista’s weapon of choice is a keen eye for complexity.

Raelynn Pulliam

Media Manager

To know Raelynn is to know details. Lots of them. Our armchair IT pro in residence, Raelynn doubles as a human encyclopedia and a repository of details. Never one to leave a stone unturned, Raelynn’s inquisitive mind revolutionized the way we buy Out-of-Home, giving her a new title in the eyes of our clients: hero.

Kylie Terrana

Media Coordinator