media+ Employee Spotlight

We are excited to announce the recent promotion of a very essential Media+ team member. She has been a dynamic addition to our team and instrumental in driving innovation and insights at the agency. 

Andrea van Ryzin, Analyst

Promoted from Junior Analyst to Analyst

Andrea came aboard in a new role at the agency and completely surpassed all expectations.  She is a number crunching excel genius who takes pride in making the most daunting data set into a visual masterpiece.  From revamping our reporting dashboards to onboarding an AI data visualization platform, she has had a heavy hand in transforming the entire reporting and analytics practice at Media+.  She is a reliable team player who is always up for any challenge and never is an ask too tall.  Her natural ability and passion for data and insights has been a huge asset to the agency and sets her up for continued success in her new role as Analyst.

Fun Fact: Andrea is a mom to two Chipotle lettuce eating guinea pigs. =)

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